Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lake Tahoe, Cali

Sorry for the lack of updates, but our homey Razz got sick the day after we arrived in Tahoe so we had to take him to the vet Sunday then Matt had to take him to different hospitals in Reno and Sacramento for tests. Long story short, the pup is doing good and some riding went down at Heavenly. Unfortunately, Matt was feeling sick my last day there (Tuesday) so I rode solo...which means I have no shred footy or photos to post as promised. Mi dispiace.

Now I'm back in Philly...back to reality. Quite bittersweet. It was a long journey from one end of the country to the other, but it was definitely worth it. After 12 years of riding, I finally made it out West and I owe it to my cousin Matt for letting me crash for free wherever we stayed along the way. I definitely couldn't have made a trip like this happen otherwise. Now I have to cope with the fact that I'll be riding in the Poconos the rest of the season. Oh well, that's just motivation for planning the next trip. Thanks for following me via the blog throughout the trip and keep checking for random updates involving skate/snow related happenings and all things enlightening. You may get learned..

Matt's house in South Lake Tahoe.

Lake composite.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Final Leg of Road Trip

We finally made it to Lake Tahoe and got to ride Heavenly today. It was a little warm and no powder, but snow is in the forecast for Tuesday so Kirkwood should be sick. Oh yeah, I lost one of my Rome 390 bindings somewhere between Utah and Cali during the drive...bummer. Here are a few pics from the drive through Utah and Nevada.

Great Salt Lake, UT

Welcome to Nevada...nahh just playin.Truck stop lovin, Nevada. Seabass was here!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I-70 West

Today we continued the journey to Cali, driving out of Colorado and into Utah . This scenic ride through wide open canyons was a bit more enjoyable than our two day drive through the Midwest last week. Here's some of the good stuff along the way..

"No Name Rest Area", CO


Back on the road

So our time in the hills of Colorado has come to an end, and on a damn good note. It snowed all day today and the tree runs at Keystone were the sickest we've done all week...or ever. Their park is also ranked #4 in the country by Transworld, so I had to get a little steezy in between all the powder slashin. Thursday evening we should be in Salt Lake City, then in Tahoe by Friday. NorCal has been getting blasted with snow all week, so I have a feeling the best has yet to come. I promise to take photos of snowboarding in Cali. It's just tough to lug a camera around when you'd much rather be riding. But my cousin's spot in Tahoe is about 5 minutes from Heavenly, so there won't be any excuses for not bringing out the sponsor-gun for an hour or so. Keep checking the site for more Left Coast documentation..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Backyard, Buena Vista & South Park

We spent our Valentine's Day avoiding lift lines and doing some sight seeing. After a short trek around our backyard, we drove out to Buena Vista, which definitely lives up to its name. It sits under huge mountain ranges and the Arkansas River cuts right through it, so it was a good place to take photos and appreciate Madre Nature. After exploring Buena Vista, we headed to South Park to prove to everyone that it is an actual town in Colorado, and not much different than the cartoon. There's one main street with small shops and a few houses, and most likely a confused tranny elementary school teacher floating around somewhere. Part of the town is fenced off because it's being preserved as a historical site dating back to the 1800s. We contemplated jumping the fence to get some good shots but figured it's a small western town that probably enjoys its 2nd amendment rights..so we bailed.

As far as riding goes, it's been insane but we haven't gotten a big snow storm yet..so I'm still waiting on that knee-deep powder day. Regardless, it's way better than anything I've ridden on the Iced Coast. We've hit up Vail and Copper already, and will either be going back to Copper tomorrow or Breckenridge. Stay tuned for more..

Product of a large animal.

Getting shat upon by trees. Taken by Matt.Another by Matt.

Kickin it in the backyard.
Entering Buena Vista, CO.

Living up to its name.
Rail sesh into river..who's in?

Leaving Buena Vista.There it is.

The historic section.

Matt with Mr. Hankey and the icicle that almost impaled him.